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General Dentistry

Ramsey General Dentistry

Comprehensive and Diagnostic Dental Care

Dr. Ghorashi’s passion for general dentistry starts with giving each patient the foundation for good dental health. It encompasses a broad range of preventive and restorative treatments aimed at maintaining optimal oral health. From routine check-ups to dental cleanings, cavity fillings to gum disease treatments, general dentistry covers a comprehensive array of services to address various dental needs.

Regular visits are crucial for early detection and prevention of dental problems, ensuring timely intervention and minimizing potential complications. By prioritizing general dentistry, patients can benefit from healthier teeth and gums, reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease, early detection of oral issues, personalized oral care guidance, and improved overall oral health. Our dedicated team of dental professionals is committed to providing top-quality general dentistry services to residents of Ramsey, Mahwah and Saddle River, all designed to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful and confident smile.

General Dentistry Services

A comprehensive dental exam offers numerous benefits to our patients. It provides a thorough evaluation of youur oral health, allowing for the detection of underlying issues and potential risks.

This examination encompasses a detailed assessment of the teeth, gums, jaw, and surrounding structures. By undergoing a comprehensive dental exam, you will receive early detection and timely treatment for dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, or oral cancer. Moreover, it serves as an opportunity to discuss oral hygiene practices, receive personalized oral health advice, and address any concerns or questions they may have. Regular comprehensive dental exams are essential for maintaining optimal oral health, preventing future complications, and ensuring a confident smile.

Oral cancer screenings and the use of VelScope technology play a vital role in maintaining your oral health. These screenings allow for the early detection of oral cancer, a serious condition that can be life-threatening if not detected and treated promptly.

By undergoing regular screenings, our patients receive timely intervention and, in event that anything is found, increase their chances of successful treatment outcomes. The VelScope technology enhances the screening process by providing a comprehensive examination of the oral tissues. It uses a special light to identify abnormal areas that may not be visible to the naked eye, aiding in the early detection of potential cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions. We incorporate oral cancer screenings with VelScope technology into your routine dental check-ups because we strongly believe they are essential for ensuring the overall well-being of your oral health.

Digital x-rays and panoramic radiographs are invaluable tools in modern dentistry. These imaging techniques offer several advantages for our patients. Digital x-rays provide detailed images of your teeth, bones, and surrounding structures, aiding in the accurate diagnosis of dental conditions such as cavities, infections, and bone loss.

They emit significantly less radiation compared to traditional film x-rays, ensuring your safety. Panoramic radiographs are often used as a complement to digital x-rays because they capture a comprehensive view of the entire oral and maxillofacial region, revealing impacted teeth, jaw abnormalities, and other issues. Both digital x-rays and panoramic radiographs offer quick results, allowing for prompt treatment planning and improved patient care. Incorporating these imaging technologies into dental examinations enhances diagnostic capabilities and contributes to better oral health outcomes.

Regular dental hygiene visits are crucial for maintaining optimal oral health. For healthy patients, a standard 2x a year appointment provides essential preventive care. During these visits, your dental hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque, tartar, and stains that regular brushing and flossing may miss. At Valley Dental Group, we use the Cavitron, an ultrasonic scaling technology that ensures a much more thorough cleaning. They will also perform a comprehensive examination, checking for signs of cavities, gum disease, or other oral issues. These routine cleanings help prevent dental problems, maintain fresh breath, and promote overall oral hygiene.

However, for patients with periodontal disease, more frequent cleanings are necessary. Periodontal disease involves gum inflammation and infection, leading to bone and tooth loss if left untreated. These patients require more intensive care to manage and control the disease. Additional visits, typically 3 to 4 times a year, allow the dental hygienist to perform deeper cleanings, known as scaling and root planing, to remove bacteria and plaque from beneath the gumline. These frequent cleanings help manage the progression of periodontal disease, promote gum healing, and prevent further damage.

In both cases, regular dental hygiene visits offer the opportunity for early detection and intervention for any oral health issues. By maintaining a consistent schedule, patients can enjoy healthier teeth and gums, prevent dental complications, and receive personalized oral care guidance from their dental professionals.

Fluoride treatments provide numerous benefits for both children and adults in maintaining optimal oral health. For children in our practice, we apply fluoride to help in the development of strong and healthy teeth, preventing tooth decay and cavities. It strengthens the enamel and can even reverse early signs of decay.

For adults, fluoride treatments help protect against tooth decay, reduce tooth sensitivity, and promote enamel remineralization. The frequency of fluoride treatments depends on individual factors such as oral health, age, and risk of tooth decay. Generally, children and adults are recommended to receive fluoride treatments every 3 to 6 months during regular dental check-ups.

Dental mouthguards serve as essential protective gear for teeth in various scenarios. During sports activities, a properly fitted mouthguard acts as a cushion, reducing the risk of dental injuries caused by impacts or falls. It absorbs and distributes the forces, safeguarding teeth from fractures, dislodgment, and other damage.

Adults who suffer from nighttime teeth grinding or bruxism will benefit from a hard splint mouthguard that provides a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth. It helps alleviate the harmful effects of grinding, such as tooth wear, jaw pain, and TMJ disorders. Whether in sports or for bruxism, dental mouthguards play a vital role in safeguarding teeth and promoting oral health.

Drs. Ghorashi and Bahadori can provide immediate assistance and relief during same-day dental emergencies for our patients of record. When faced with urgent situations like severe toothaches, broken or knocked-out teeth, or dental trauma, you should not wait. Call our team for an appointment and we’ll assess and address the problem. Seeking prompt dental care during emergencies ensures the best chance of preserving oral health and minimizing further complications.

Dr. Ghorashi offers Microlaser dentistry, which provides patients with gentle dental care, a faster recovery time, and access to minimally invasive techniques when it comes to traditional services.

Dental lasers provide precise and minimally invasive treatment options. With their focused and controlled energy, lasers can target and remove decayed tissue with remarkable precision, preserving healthy tooth structure. This approach minimizes the need for traditional drilling, reducing discomfort, and preserving more of the natural tooth. Dental lasers also offer improved healing and reduced recovery time, as they cauterize blood vessels and kill bacteria during the procedure. Additionally, lasers can be used for gum reshaping, treating gum disease, and performing biopsies. Microdentistry with dental lasers provides patients with efficient, comfortable, and effective dental care.

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