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4 Surprising Things Your Ramsey Dentist Knows

A quick peek into your mouth can reveal a lot about you, and we’re not just talking about your oral health. Your mouth can say a lot about your overall health too, and may even tell your team at my Ramsey dental office a few things about your daily habits.

Your Flossing Habits

If you flossed right before your appointment and that’s really the only time, we can tell. Gums may be a bit bloody or swollen — both qualities that aren’t apparent in those who floss regularly. While we’re happy you gave it shot, we can’t stress enough how important flossing at least once a day, everyday, is for your oral health.

You’re a Nail Biter

Nail biting may be a nervous habit of yours, and your dentist may be able to tell without even seeing your fingers. Nail biters usually have slight chips and cracks, and the teeth can become uneven. This can affect your bite. If your bite is out of alignment, symptoms of TMD (temporomandibular disorder), like jaw pain, may occur.

You Have Oral Cancer

At each appointment, we aren’t only looking for signs of decay and cavities, we’re also checking for any signs of oral cancer. Some indicators can include white or red patches in the mouth, lumps on the lips, gums, or cheeks, and bleeding that seems to happen without cause. If caught early, oral cancer treatment can be very successful, which is just another reason to keep your dental appointments.

Your Bad Breath is a Sign of Something More

Sometimes those who suffer from bad breath don’t even know it. And while nobody likes to hear that their breath is a little less than fresh, diagnosing it and talking to your dentist about it is important. Bad breath can be a sign of something serious. A fruity stench could indicate diabetes, a fishy smell could mean liver or kidney failure, and bad breath in general could be a sign of gum disease. Gum disease is very serious and can actually affect your heart health in addition to your oral health.

Regular appointments with your dentist in Ramsey are an important part to getting and keeping your smile healthy. Dental exams every six months help catch oral health problems like cavities early, but they can also aid in identifying other concerns.

If you’re experiencing any symptoms above, or you’re overdue for your dental cleaning and exam, call my dental office in Ramsey to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to evaluate any concerns you have and get you started on an individualized treatment plan for a healthy mouth, and healthy body.

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